Augmented Reality App

Augmented Reality App

The current focus of web designers and developers is on web 2.0 development that is a necessary benchmark everyone wants to achieve. But, what if you wanted to touch the zenith of this interactivity spire and design an application that would wow millions around the world? Then you would need augmented reality applications. Augmented Reality (AR) apps are a great interactive way of layering informative date over objects in the natural world, so that you can view enhanced information about places, objects and much more. With a wide variety of application areas, augmented reality in Malaysia is the new hot technology, and there can be none better than GoodCore Software to help you leverage it.

Take the Nokia City Lens for the Windows platform, or Google Goggles for iOS and Android; these vastly popular AR apps are a big hit with millions of users addicted to augmented reality in Malaysia. Being a leading custom mobile application development company in Malaysia, we can help create stunning AR apps running out of the browsers for the iPhone and the iPad. Tapping into the market sense right from the word go, we have cultivated the niche skill of augmented reality app development to remain at the forefront of the web app development competition and competitors pursuing development of augmented reality in Malaysia.

Why GoodCore Software for Augmented Reality App Development

We hold the key advantage of hosting a team of skilled augmented reality application development experts and augmented reality application development consultants who can envision your app and develop it exactly along the lines. Going beyond the trite, we leverage our vast experience in coding AR apps to mold and shape applications. We use the cutting-edge AR SDKs to build applications that are marker-based, image recognition-based, GPS-based and more. Our work has set benchmarks for augmented reality in Malaysia and established new AR development paradigms.

Even though an augmented reality app may sound lucrative, investing your trust (and money) in the hands of novice development teams is a huge risk. Along with the necessary skills and dexterity, augmented reality app development also requires a great deal of creativity, conceptualization and visualization skills. At GoodCore, we harness all this into a complete package offered to you at the most cost-effective rates.

Augmented Reality Technology Portfolio
  • Complete familiarity and hands on experience with ARToolKit, Layar SDK, and Wikitude SDK
  • Skilled expertise in FLARToolKit and FLARManager for Adobe Flash
  • Extensive experience in developing marker-based, image recognition, and GPS-based augmented reality apps

So, if you have an interesting idea for an augmented reality application for the iOS or Android platforms, choose GoodCore Software as your augmented reality application development partner. We invest as much effort into your project, as your trust in us. This is substantiated by the number of clients who trust us for their projects on augmented reality in Malaysia. We are experts at translating app dreams and ideas into full-featured applications, and your project will be no different. Call us today to avail our state-of-the-art services!