Cancer Patient Portal

Cancer Patient Portal


Technologies Used:


Our company designed and developed this Cancer Patient portal for Malaysia based Pharmaceutical Company. This is an online portal for Malaysian nationals who use that Pharma products for the treatment of Cancer. The portal serves as a claim request portal for patients to get free medications on periodic basis depending upon their purchases of products. The online system replaces a manual process of keeping product purchase records for every patient in order to offer those patients Compassionate Goods and free treatments. Patients using this system are able to keep track themselves of their treatment and purchase history for all products they use. They can easily upload purchase bills as a proof of their purchases or any other supporting documents.

Apart from the patient application, there is powerful administration application which not only allows Pharma administrators to process the claim requests but they can fully configure different products and their bonus schemes along with the ability to perform all actions on behalf of patients as well. Administrator can process the claim requests upon submission of claims from patient side application and in turn, the patients are kept informed of the progress on their claim requests by notifying them with different statuses. This helps that Pharmaceutical Company to make the process manageable and free of calculation errors with an added advantage of greatly reducing their patient queries about their claim statuses.

Reporting features within the administration interface allows extracting valuable information for finding out treatment progress and overall product usage trends at any point in time.

This system is built on the Microsoft’s latest technology stack for development and is deployed on latest version of Windows Server OS, 2012. This system is supported on all major browsers.


Project at a glance…

Requirements Analysis
  • Business knowledge acquisition and identification of risks
  • Proposal of solutions and workarounds for problematic scenarios
  • Data Migration planning
Design, Development, and Technologies
  • W3C-compliant XHTML & CSS authoring with cross-browser compatibility
  • Highly interactive front end using jQuery and bootstrap
  • MVC architecture using the latest .net MVC 4 Framework
  • Detailed Reporting using RDLC
Testing and launch
  • White box and black box testing
  • Launch on staging and live environments
  • Post launch testing and support