Custom CRM System for Event Management Company

Custom CRM System for Event Management Company

Custom CRM System for Event Management Company
Technologies Used:
Ruby on Rails, MySQL, jQuery

We have built a custom web based CRM application based on Ruby on Rails. This project required advanced Ruby on Rails skills and our team was able to deliver a stable application on time and on budget. Prior to working with GoodCore, our client had worked with another development company in the U.S. initially who could not complete the project. The client came to us looking for a stronger Ruby on Rails team. We were able to implement the pending functionality, and resolve all pending issues and bugs.

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Event Design and Registrations

The project involved importing company and contact records from a legacy database in MS Access. Specialized import rules were developed for this purpose which determined how the information from the legacy database was to be mapped to the newly developed CRM’s database. The import process was implemented using Rake tasks. (Rake is a ruby build program with capabilities similar to “make”)

Contact and Company database

The system allows for setting up events with various possible types of registrations (e.g. guest, mentor, speaker, etc.) and it allows the end user to customize the registration forms based on specific event’s requirements. For example, it allows the user to specify which fields should appear when a participant is registering, which fields are mandatory and which are not, and so on.

Reporting System

The system has a reporting framework that allows the end users to design new custom reports on the fly querying multiple database entities and using multiple filters in a very intuitive manner. This implementation uses ActiveRecord which is the object relation mapping for the Rails framework.

Custom CRM System for Event Management Company
Designing new reports
Custom CRM System for Event Management Company
A flexible reporting system that allows end users to design new reports using point and click.

Highlights of the development work

Design, Development, and Technologies
  • Object-oriented design
  • Ruby programming on the rails MVC framework
  • Strong expertise with jQuery/CSS/HTML/AJAX for rich user interaction
  • Rake tasks for data migration, deployments and rollbacks
  • Active Record as the ORM Layer
  • HAML (Html Abstraction Markup Language) for Templating
  • MySQL as the database engine