Data Center Management

Data Center Management

Is your infrastructure management setup suffering due to rigid and latency-ridden software? Need custom NOC software for your dynamic needs? Are off-the-shelf infrastructure management solutions not serving your needs? Fret not, for you are in the right hands! GoodCore Software’s development team possesses years of extensive experience in designing and developing data center management solutions. Features like monitoring of power and bandwidth, IP block allocation and management are built into solutions. Custom software like NOC inventory management, billing and ticketing and other solutions are also developed by us.

With the world going online and using the web as a base for every transaction, be it communication or financial, the need for monitoring networks, servers and infrastructures is becoming critical. Business continuity is of prime importance as is protection of valuable data that is housed in multiple locations as a part of the BCP (Business Continuity Planning) and DR (Disaster Recovery) measures. This has led to the rise in data centers across the world, and the subsequent pressing need for monitoring them.

If you wish to process smooth and streamlined transactions through your data center, GoodCore can help you develop data center management solutions and infrastructure management solutions. Based on the volume of success we have achieved in this niche, we have become one of the leading custom software development companies in Malaysia. We are also experts at web portal development that helps create a seamless front end for managing data centers from a remote location. With an easy-to-use GUI that does not compromise on functionality and speed, our NOC software solutions are favoured by many of our clients.

Our development team is adept at equipping NOCs (Network Operation Centers) with cutting edge solutions. We also help develop high-end ISP software that empowers leading ISPs (Internet Service Providers) to increase their reach and provide services across larger geographical locations.

With a host of infrastructure management solutions like support ticket systems and NOC software already in use, our list of satisfied clientele is on the rise. Our web portal development expertise has earned considerable repute as has our team of expert developers. Give us a call today for free consultation and to see how we can help you develop your very own data center management solution.