Desktop Application

Desktop Application

Is a powerful desktop app the need of the hour for your business? Is the RDAs (Rich Desktop Applications) arena your focus? Then, you are at the right place. GoodCore software is preferred by many clients around the world for desktop application development. At GoodCore, we know that amidst all the technological innovation, the ubiquitous interface that stands firm, is the good old desktop. Its primal power can be harnessed to offer unmatched interactivity for end users; which is why a cutting-edge desktop app is near unbeatable. While there are scores of browser based apps out there that might be easier to deploy, the sheer potency of desktop applications is beyond comparison.

GoodCore’s Desktop Application Development Prowess

The development team at GoodCore uses the best-of-the-breed technology to conceive desktop applications that are efficient, graphically rich, very user-friendly, and can work offline as well as on the web browser. Using the cutting-edge features of Microsoft technologies like Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Windows Forms, and Silverlight; we can develop new age Rich Desktop Applications (RDAs) that provide ease of access and use. They go a long way in streamlining your business environment too. Some of the features that our desktop applications boast of include, rapid file system access, dynamic and instant content synchronization, and easy management of downloadable content when you work offline.

Desktop application development: Portfolio

Technologies Used:
WPF, .NET 4.0, Silverlight, SSRS
Authoring Tool for Teachers

We’ve built a technology platform for our client that allows authoring and management of educational content and collaboration between authors in secondary and higher educational institutions. In addition, the system allows management of administrative activities that take place during an academic year.

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Technologies Used:
Securities Trading System

The project involves on-going development and QA services on a securities trading platform for the U.S. market. The system is connected with all major execution destinations and provides advanced trading functionality. The application involves high quality object oriented design, highly optimized multi-threaded programming in .NET to support the real-time nature of the application, and integration with a number of 3rd party applications.

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Our team of desktop application developers are industry experts with vast amounts of technical and UI design expertise. We help create highly productive environments for end users that lead to enhanced performance and business productivity. Substantial amounts of information can be viewed and managed efficiently without desktop applications, without falling prey to undesired complexity.

Why choose an application deployment on desktops

While many would argue over the evident advantages a web app enjoys over a desktop application, here are five stark and candid reasons why deploying desktop applications is actually favorable to your business.

  1. 1. You want your app to be the cynosure of all eyes
    Web applications are hosted on browsers, where users tend to multitask and do a lot in one go. Multiple tabs, browser crashes, and unlimited clutter steal the thunder of your application. This is where a desktop app comes up trumps by being accessible outside of the browser.

  3. 2. Efficient utilization of system resources
    Your desktop app draws its juice from system resource and this leaves it with unmatched potential. Graphically rich desktop applications, or ones that multitask can efficiently leverage the hardware acceleration available on a desktop through intelligent programming. With a web application, it uses the browser-based memory manager which when compared to a computer system is very inefficient.

  5. 3. Building a ‘widget’ application
    With the increasing size of widgets, running them via browsers is more of a liability. On a desktop, they can be moved around and take up very little space. Browsers can be restrictive.

  7. 4. Seamless application integration with the desktop
    If you need your users to be able to drag-n-drop files to your app from your system, save data locally, and tinker with the app using the control panel; a desktop-based app is your best bet.

  9. 5. Visibility control over your app
    Web-based applications allow you to work within their browser-based interface leading to unnecessary toolbars, browser add-ons marring the look and feel of your app, and also modifying usability. All this can be avoided with desktop applications that offer complete interface and brand control, allowing users to see only what you want them to.