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Realizing the tremendous potential of the online knowledge and learning delivery systems, we at GoodCore have focused on setting up and cultivating e-learning solutions expertise. Taking cues from the traditional learning forms, and merging them with state-of-the-art technologies to deliver learning, we ensure that the educational website design & development solutions we conceive are best-of-the-breed. Using ingenious design concepts and integrating seamless navigation, our education website design solutions and e-learning systems are pleasing to the eye. We specialize in utilizing interactive illustrations, graphic novels audio, e-learning solutions and a lot more to enrich your e-learning solution.

With instructional designers, curriculum designers, graphic experts and integrators possessing tons of experience and expertise, our e-learning system development team in Malaysia is primed to deliver bleeding-edge solutions. Our unwavering focus is not just on educational website design & development solutions that are pleasing to the eye and a joy to navigate through; but also on ensuring maximum learning retention and effective evaluation of skill development. Be it a behavioural course or a job-based skill development module, our approach to development never wavers from the single point agenda – meeting the training goals. We collaborate with experts in the subject of e-learning as well as SMEs to inject invaluable learning into your courses, so that every a trainee leaves his workstation with a significant increase in his or her knowledge and skills.

Our technical experts ensure that your solution is versatile and flexible, and works on your desired Learning Management System (LMS) platform. We can even develop multi-platform courses that can be hosted at various locations. The testing team at GoodCore gives every single module a thorough working over, ironing out all the creases and testing its operation on multiple browsers and platforms; so that when the solution is delivered to you, it works without a glitch!

With a slew of successful projects in our kitty, we have a long list of satisfied clientele. We have developed solutions, such as student portals for education institutions, education games, authoring tools for faculties, and assessment tools. Contact us today for a free consultation!