HTML 5 is the wand you need to create magic on the web. And we, at GoodCore, are the professionals who know how to wield this wand! We are an an HTML 5 outsourcing development company in Malaysia with substantial experience in web design and web application development.

Why HTML 5

Combining the advantages of XHTML and HTML, HTML 5 is a potent code base and platform for web design features that were difficult to leverage and accomplish in HTML 4. We can integrate rich media aspects like video, audio and plugins via predefined syntax. With comprehensive browser support and wide compatibility and acceptance, HTML 5 is ruling the roost.

At GoodCore, we provide you with state-of-the-art HTML 5 development services the spruce up your business on the web and pave the way for its growth. Being a web application development company of repute, we have been successfully engaged in iPhone and iPad application development for years. With HTML 5, we now make your existing websites compatible with the latest Smartphones and mobile operating systems. Irrespective of the scale and scope of your web application development project, GoodCore can help you realize it well within set timelines.

Why GoodCore

We are a team of experts with high-quality skills and tons of experience in HTML 5. We can help you develop the best web applications that will catalyse your business. Some of the cutting-edge services we offer includes HTML 5 game development, HTML 5 website development, offline web application development and more. We are also adept at combining frameworks like node.js, kendoUI, Sencha Touch VS and CSS 3 with HTML 5.

You can hire HTML 5 developers from us. Being a leading web application development and HTML 5 outsourcing development company in Malaysia, the resources we provide are of high-quality and with professional expertise. We offer HTML 5 coding services and custom HTML 5 development services at cost-effective rates. Get in touch with us today to know how GoodCore can help your company’s website flourish with our HTML 5 web development services.