Othello Facebook App

Othello Facebook App


Technologies Used:

nodejs, JavaScript

We have developed the classic Othello/Reversi board game for Facebook with the 2 player option along with the usual computer opponent option. In this Facebook app, the moves are real time making use of node.js. The implementation utilizes Web Sockets and the Express framework for node.js.

Users can choose to play with computer, challenge anyone from their Facebook friends or other online players on the game. Users can also send invitations to their offline friends to join the game. node.js offers the capability of real-time event-based information transfer to render the moves by the opponent, without any noticeable lag. node.js also avoids the requirement to install any browser plugin (e.g. Flash or Silverlight) and makes it possible to play the Facebook the game on iPad as well.

At a glanceā€¦

Design, Development, and Quality Assurance
  • nodejs
  • Windows 2008