Radio Show Prep Management System

Radio Show Prep Management System

Radio Show Prep Management System
Technologies Used:
PHP, MySQL, Yii Framework, jQuery

Our client wanted to build a product for radio show hosts to organize their show prep data for the digital age. This data includes the stories covered by radio show hosts, their notes, their audio — all in a digital environment accessible via web. People working in broadcast read through many websites, pick out stories for their audience, print off those stories, highlight those stories and then carry around those sheets of paper until they broadcast! We built a web application for our client that allows the radio show hosts to quickly enter any information into their secure personalized space and have it quickly ready for their broadcast. Our experience developing software for the media industry helped us achieve a high quality end product.

We used the PHP programming language for backend programming and MySQL as the database engine. Careful thought has gone into the design of the system for future enhancements such as integration with browser plugins, capability to manage multiple shows within one interface (for larger companies), and ability to share material with colleagues. All this was made possible by careful object oriented design using PHP programming language and a solid relational database design in MySQL.

It was very important for the system to allow fast and intuitive user interaction. When radio show hosts are broadcasting on air, they cannot deal with a sluggish system – all the information needs to be made available quickly. On the front-end, we used the latest in jQuery, AJAX, and CSS to achieve a highly functional system.


At a glanceā€¦

Design, Development, and Technologies
  • Prep and show sheets
  • Audio playback support
  • Integrated custom file system
  • Rich text formatting support
  • Support for dynamically changing show segments
  • Multiple hosts for each show