Contract SharePoint Consultants in Malaysia

Contract SharePoint Consultants in Malaysia

If seamless collaboration is what you are looking for, Microsoft SharePoint is your answer. And, who better than us, to help you develop SharePoint applications. At GoodCore, we have mastered the art of Microsoft SharePoint 2010 development. This allows us to develop and deploy applications that make coordination, collaboration and decision making faster and easier. We can develop websites for you that make sharing of data simpler.

Being a Microsoft Certified Development Partner, we also offer cutting-edge SharePoint consulting services. Our Microsoft SharePoint platform development services include portal development, search functionality, seamless collaboration, content management, business process and intelligence and a lot more that is very beneficial with the help of Microsoft SharePoint.

We offer SharePoint development services like:
  • Development of SharePoint intranets and portals
  • Development, deployment and designing of SharePoint extranet portals
  • Access control based on roles for enhanced security of business-critical data
  • Access control via form-based authentication
  • Facilitating administration via SharePoint development tools
  • Development of content management portals
  • Development of Webpart development
  • Branding services

With SharePoint your business can benefit from the various advantages that today’s Content Management Systems and open source technologies provide. Dynamic publishing, editing, management and retrieval of content is possible via SharePoint CMS. At GoodCore, our SharePoint development experts have extensive experience on OOTB concepts in delivering CMS-based solutions. Our inherent expertise in XSL, XML and XSLT allows us to build websites for you using SharePoint designer. Other development services include integration of business intelligence features, document collaboration and customization using Event Receivers and Content Types. We can even incorporate collaboration dashboards and workflows for efficient display and easy viewing of data when working together. Using VB. Net and C#. Net, we can build web parts customized to your requirements using the latest SharePoint APIs.

On the branding front, our designers can give your online business a new lease of life. We can help give your website a makeover with breathtaking designs, classy templates, and streamlines style sheets. We can even come up with customized themes, while retaining the effortless administrative control for personalization that is a hallmark of SharePoint.

So, for all your Microsoft SharePoint development requirements choose GoodCore Software, a leading SharePoint development company in Malaysia. Having satisfied a long list of clients with our best-of-the-breed development services, we can surely meet and exceed your expectations.