Student Portal

Student Portal

Student Portal
Technologies Used:
Silverlight, ASP.NET, SQL Server 2008

Our team has years of experience developing software for educational institutions. We can help you develop and deploy custom software for your school, college, or university, course and content management software, content authoring tools for teachers, deploying educational content on iPad, iPhone and Android devices, deploying your own Learning Management System (LMS) and student portals. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Our client wanted to build a highly accessible and secure web-based portal for the students at educational institutions where they could access their course material, view learning activities and exams posted by faculty administrators, and make attempts on the exams and learning activities from anywhere internet was available. The exam viewer offers a highly interactive environment to students and embeds rich media including images, sounds, and videos. We designed the web application using ASP.NET technology and the exam viewer using Microsoft Silverlight technology.

Behind the exam viewer, sits a highly sophisticated marking engine that we custom developed. This engine implements marking rules for question types such as Multiple-Choice-Question, Cloze, Matching Type, and “Exact Response”.


At a glance…

  • Quick access to course material, learning activities and exams
  • Highly interactive exam viewer
  • Embeds rich multimedia including images, sounds, and videos.
  • Drag-n-drop feature to specify answers to questions
  • Quickly review teacher’s feedback on attempts
  • Integrated with custom-developed examination & marking engine
Requirement Analysis
  • Client discussions and brainstorming
  • GUI Prototyping
  • Detailed Specifications Document
Design, Development, and Technologies
  • Object-oriented design
  • Development using .NET 2.0
  • Use of advanced AJAX and DHTML
  • SQL server
  • Web-based service administration system
Quality Assurance
  • Unit Testing framework
  • Black box testing