The ethos of website development is not just to impress and entice users with classy designs and swanky fronts, but also ease of navigation and access. This is where XHTML steps in. Extensible Hypertext Markup Language or XHTML in short is a hybrid version of the traditional HTML technology. It combines XML and HTML, allowing developers to make a website easier for users to browse and access. With advantages like streamlined code and support for XML, it is no wonder that XHTML is a clear choice for developers.

At GoodCore, we specialize in PSD to XHTML conversion services and customized XHTML development services. Being a leading web development company in Malaysia, our CSS and HTML services have earned repute with domestic as well as international clients. We have nurtured a team of XHTML developers and CSS developers who can slice up PSDs accurately to convert them into SEO-friendly code that is to the point, bug-free and efficient. We offer best-of-the-breed XHTML web design and CSS/HTML development services for your project requirements.

Why Choose GoodCore for XHTML Development
  • Experience and experience in W3C validation and SEO compliance
  • Strong team of XHTML developers trained in customized XHTML development services
  • Cross-browser compatible XHTML / CSS markup
  • Strong testing routines and processes on all major browsers

At GoodCore, we are adept at combining high-quality programming and conversion solutions. You can hire XHTML developers and CSS developers from us who have tons of experience in writing efficient HTML/XHTML/CSS code in reduced timeframes.

We, at GoodCore, have earned an envious reputation of building websites that work, 100% guaranteed. We have not positioned ourselves as just a web development company in Malaysia, but offer a complete package that will enhance your brand value and image. Using XHTML, PSD to XHTML conversion and XHTML development services, we offer cost-effective web design and development services that are light on the pocket and heavy on efficiency. Get in touch with us today to give your website the GoodCore advantage!